Maricel Incion David (in blue jacket) works as a school administrator in Dhahran High School. She was skeptical to join the trip in the beginning, especially, when her co-leader Mike Sallings (in yellow shirt), promised a life changing experience to the parents of the participants.

“Yes, it was destiny, they offered it to me two weeks before the trip. I can’t say no, even though I have three kids that I will leave here in KSA for a week, it is very embarrassing to say no in serving my fellow Filipinos. Our students were so eager to know the hearts of  Filipinos, they showed this during the community interaction, which was held last February 5,” shares Maricel.

“We broke out into four smaller groups and our group was assigned to Tatay Tiopilos’s family. I was also an interpreter during this interaction. Some members cried upon learning the amount of Tatay’s income. Realizing that it is not even 1% of their parents’ salary,” she adds.

Maricel further expressed, “I saw the efforts of 17 foreigners shoveling, raking, and working on the rebars. It was drizzling during the first day of the build but until the last day, the volunteers never fail to show consistency and energy at work. Who am I not to give my effort, if these people set no limits in serving?”

“Certainly, this trip has touched and moved us.  Every time I see them now on our campus, I can see the smile of positivity; I have faith that the 18 people on the trip will leave a mark of service.  Mike was right, I was wrong about doubting these children. Truly love grows when people serve,” ends Maricel.