In Fiscal Year 2021, we reached a new milestone as we celebrated 10 years of Habitat Young Leaders Build (HYLB). Kicking off the annual HYLB, our seven Campus Chapters joined forces for two significant projects.

They staged the first Habitat Philippines youth-led webinar called “Beyond the Concrete,” which sought to enlighten audiences on the importance of decent shelter from a multi-sectoral perspective. The two-hour webinar gathered experts from the academe, local government, non-profit sector, and construction industry and 169 registered participants. To help less privileged students cope with distance learning challenges, the Campus Chapters also initiated the “Bigay Bukas” fundraising drive and distributed learning kits to 521 children and students in seven communities.

Our youth leaders also stepped up as a beacon of hope for families in need. The Navotaas Homes PASSA Youth Group and a group of young advocates in Ilocos Sur led by Leadership Academy Facilitator Jeric Aren Dedicatoria organized their own community pantry to reach out to families in their own way.