Part of Mandaue City’s River Rehabilitation Program, the Paknaan Housing Project will support 80 informal settler families, who used to live along the Mahiga Creek. Project implementation began in 2017 but due to challenges in site development, the house construction was halted.

In 2019, house construction resumed but was once again hindered by the pandemic in 2020. Amidst the obstacles, we upheld our commitment to help these low-income families have their own decent, affordable home, away from the danger zone and without fear of eviction.

That’s why, we have forged partnerships with private companies and strengthened our ties with the local government to pursue the construction in full swing. Future homeowners have also rolled up their sleeves to help build their homes as part of their 400-hour sweat equity.

Through collaboration, commitment, and shared purpose to help provide safety and security through shelter, the Paknaan Housing Project is nearing completion as we target to relocate our partner families this 2022.